Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Muttoe's Erotic Enema poem "The Flood of Love"

I was going through my dissertation last night, prepping it for possible publication ("Foamy Lube: The Enema in Art, 1837-1900") and I came upon one of my favorite examples of the erotic enema in Victorian art, a poem entitled "Flood of Love" by the great but little-known Joel S. Muttoe. It's fairly bold for its time, and has a highly untraditional meter. This page was scanned several years ago from an obscure volume of Victorian poetry whose title I can't remember, but was edited by Carr, I believe.

A little about the author: He was a native of Slopshire and educated privately by his mother, who had fervently hoped to have a daughter. He toiled as a clerk for about ten years, writing unpopular lyrics in his spare time. Critics and the public alike were put off by what they considered to be self-indulgence and lack of skill. Eventually, he renounced literature and began a lucrative career as a traveling enemist, perhaps not unlike the "gregarious specialist" of this poem.

Here's some more about enemas in literature.

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